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Mission Statement: To preserve and protect the natural, historical, cultural and recreational features of the area in and around Beaman Park. We advocate for conservation and resource protection through activities, fund raising and community education.


Friends of Beaman Park

Friends of Beaman Park History and Facts

The Friends of Beaman Park work hand-in-hand with Metro Parks, Metro Greenways Commission, and numerous other non-profit groups working to support parks and protect natural resources. We join private funds and volunteers with government dollars and labor to enhance the area in and around Beaman Park.

Friends of Beaman Park is a 501c3 non-profit organization chartered by the Tennessee Secretary of State in June 1997.

Friends of Beaman Park sponsor volunteer activities and programs that benefit Beaman Park and the larger community in Northwest Davidson County:

  • Monthly park interpretive hikes
  • Monthly trail building workdays
  • Exotic pest plant removal
  • Native planting
  • Park research
  • Land acquisition
  • Roadside litter pick up
  • Environmental education
  • Fund raising
  • Special events

Friends of Beaman Park sponsor fund raising activities to support Metro Parks efforts at Beaman Park.

The Friends of Beaman Park work in the community to educate the public about this land treasure and advocate for its protection.

  • Provide education and awareness programs to groups in the community to let them know about Beaman Park and our work to protect this treasure.
  • Provide leadership to encourage protection of Beaman Park. Work with the Park Board, county and state agencies to see that care is taken in planning for development and roads that affect the park.
  • Monitor the roads that border the park to insure their safety and beauty.
  • Actively participate in public hearings and planning meetings to protect the interests of Beaman Park.
  • Continue to participate in efforts to establish Greenways in the area promoting Beaman Park as an anchor in Northwest Davidson County.
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter and offer monthly meetings and programs to educate the public about Beaman Park and the issues which affect it.